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Celebrating 70 years of MSSW

MSSW Guru's Gallery

"Disciples pranams to everliving gurus who chiseled us."

It's the momentous occasion of the Platinum Jubilee (1952-2022) of MSSW, and as a part of the celebrations, we are honouring our dear departed Gurus through this 'Gurus' Gallery'.

This was a long pending dream of our senior alumni - to offer a devout tribute to the past luminaries who lit our path with their insights acted as a sounding board to our frustrations, and sacrificed their time and energy selflessly.

Each Guru's image in this Gallery is etched in our hearts and minds, and their words spoken to us continue to inspire and guide us even though they're no longer with us. Indian tradition places a Guru one step above God. our Gurus of MSSW had 'parented' us with wisdom and professional knowledge and shaped our minds daily. We will remember and honour them with our continued pranams to our gurus in this place of worship.

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